Whether they swab your gear, you pee into a cup, or they drain the main vein, there really is nothing sexier than "Beforeplay". You don’t even have to be a masochist to be into it.
So, before two animate beings get their coition on. Before things become engorged and aroused. Before the steam and stickiness. You need to pull back the covers on the groin region. You need to wake up and smell the infection.
Because one in six people will get an STI. And that's not one of the good acronyms to have. 
The Australian Government's BEFOREPLAY campaign encourages people to do the test part before the best part.
Meaning people have STI tests before they put their partners through their paces.
It's about being happy and safe.
It's a story told with images that don’t stop. That remain. In the brain.