Department Of  Social Services
The campaign is about stopping violence against women.
Through integrating conversations about respect, and thus incubating, cultivating respectful and principled behaviour and actions, into the daily lives of daily Australians. The campaign shows the cumulative power of bringing up 
respect early and often in children’s lives, allowing them to grow into respectful people who radiate that.

Children are mirrors, soaks, for what is around them.
It is about weaving basic authentic conversations between adults and children into everyday life as the foundation of a respectful and conscientious life. Normalisation. It is about small moments that build a relationship 
between older and younger, the bedrock from which come the more courageous acts, moments of standing up, society shaping actions.

Small steps. Daily conversations. Trust. It’s about sharing, kids standing up for themselves and others, and about being fair. And the beautiful, powerful ripple effect of simple conversations. Kids who become leaders of respect, which then echoes through generations.