Puma & Modibodi
Anything you can do, I can do bleeding: girls, proud of their bodies, playing sport, celebrating their individualism.

The menstrual cycle is the rhythm at the epicentre of creation. A woman’s body is the origin of life, how we all got here. And this campaign is an origin, an initiation, an inspiration, a starter. It’s a stimulus to conversations, many of them, sparking up, lighting up, across the country: simply about women, simply about sport, simply about periods, simply about all of them.

Making the natural, the necessary, the normal about women’s bodies become natural, essential and normal conversations. This campaign builds on what has come before, sheds the shame of the unspoken, tackles taboos, and stops the flow of the negative power of both. Period. 

It spotlights Puma x Modibodi period-proof training shorts and tights, brings them into the bright light, the right light, never lost, instead levered as the initiator of this discussion, this powerful intervention, providing knowledge, understanding, stopping girls from dropping out of sport.

Girls empowered by knowledge! Empowered by Puma x Modibodi. Empowered by their own bodies. Empowered by their new attitude.
A new freedom to be. Blood or no blood.