You can view the world through my lens of truth: Unfeigned. Unrestrained.  The energy of living, authentic, reality incarnate, art and life rising, in advertising.
We didn't elevate student lifestyle in the 'Scape' campaign I collaborated on with creatives at Jane Doe.
But we didn’t demote it. We created social realism in a campaign — a place for humans.

Unapologetically I teach reality a few dirty lessons about being real, my work looking eye-to-eye with the brand’s audience; their people, their humans. It’s attitudeish. Temperamental. 
For the 'Scape' campaign I went to their student accommodation and walked up and down theirs halls looking for my people.
I spoke to them. I absorbed them. I absorbed their space. They absorbed me. I entered a life.  Then I shot that life. With a camera. 

This is a new advertising. It hooks up with a new generation of consumers. It is what I love about it. 
They don’t want fake, or exaggerated. The more real it is, the more it speaks to them.

It is beautiful to see things, as they really are. It is not necessarily about the look but how it makes you feel.
It says there is nothing wrong with you. You are beautiful even when you are ugly.