Quiet Tart
She is securely attached.⁠
She is particular.⁠
Black, strong, small coffee starts her day. She’s done the maths and doesn’t think keep cups stack up, so she doesn’t do take away.⁠
She reads the New Yorker is a sun-soaked armchair that she got from Jardan - she sat in over 100 chairs to make sure it had the perfect height, cosiness ratio.⁠
Her slippers have ears, and she is wearing her long term boyfriend’s band T-shirt, even though she thinks they suck a bit. It’s not co-dependence, just kindness.⁠
Her cuteness can belie her maturity, and that she is the responsible one and when she calls home time ladies, they all listen because Quiet Tart doesn’t speak unless it’s thought through.⁠

Classy Tart

She seems too flawless. Too splendid.⁠
She is always invited.⁠
She is the action initiator, the life of the party; she gets people up and dancing.⁠
Perfect body. Impeccable hair. That smile. The latest style trends are matched with timeless elegance. Coolness.⁠
Classy Tart takes her chances, makes opportunities for herself.⁠
She doesn’t need men; men need her.⁠
She is cool. She takes chances, and you can’t help but wish you were her.⁠
There is a lot for her friends to be jealous of, and they are - again, secretly. What would they not give to be her?⁠

Talented Tart

She is the best.
Talented Tart ran the 200 metres in school. and even went to the Olympics.
Saying she is determined is inadequate, there is not really a word for her uber resolve, deduction.
She believes life is all about self-will, and she will help others if they are willing to help themselves.
Mindset. Mindset, Mindset.
You could say she’s intimidating.
Life after sport has not dulled her ambition or her accomplishment. Her achievements are impressive, success just seems to cling to her.
She knows what it takes to be at the top. Checking her piss to check hydration levels for example.
She casually does things with her body that you didn’t think was humanly possible - holding a handstand without a wall for 10 minutes
being one of them.
She can work 24 hours straight, amphetamine free.
There are only a smattering of people like her.
She could physically break a man, just between you and me