The campaign messaging is simple and pure. Beautiful and dynamic. Like the food, like the service, it is impressive. Delicious. Thecreativewillbefab. And fun. Bringing a fresh perspective to the industry. Our images will resonate with, and reflect Voly’s values. The world is becoming faster, and so are we. Voly understands this. Revolutionary on-demand convenience fused with the old-school customer service of upmarket high street grocers. 

The Voly riders provide (nearly) instant satisfaction. We will capture all this.
The people who make Voly. The interactions. The relationships are built. The personalised service. We’ll flaunt a variety of these fabulous grocers-on-wheels, hand-picking and delivering your food.

Gliding through the aisles, taking the time to make sure you get what you need. What you want. Unlike the competition, the ones who chuck your order on the back of their bike, go for a detour to see their partner. Only to throw your food at your neighbour’s doorstep an hour after pick up.